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Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series GR Sport Touring Build

Toyota Landcruiser 300 Series GR Sport Touring Build

A Toyota Landcruiser 300 Series GR Sport came to us to get an RV Solutions drawer set-up, a lithium upgrade, an Enerdrive 2000w inverter, a water pump, a water tank, and an ARB air compressor fitted.


In the rear of the GR Sport, we installed RV Solution’s premium alloy custom 300 Series drawers, making storage when going off-grid a breeze. 

Anyone who does a bit of off-grid touring with their 4WD will know just how convenient having a drawer system is. These drawers feature large storage components for anything from a grocery shop, to camping gear, to other belongings, whilst ensuring that everything inside is stored securely and out of sight. 

The premium alloy drawers are the lightest 4WD drawers on the market and offer unique stainless steel slam latches – so opening the drawers up is always a quick and easy job. 

As an optional extra, these drawers have a small table fitted on top of them upon opening, which creates a nice bench space. This allows for prepping and cooking of food – or any other general uses whilst on the road.


We also supplied and fitted an MSA fridge drop-slide onto the RV Solutions drawer set-up, to allow for easy and convenient access to the customer’s fridge. 

The drop-slide is made to smoothly slide out from its position on the drawers, and drop down 30 cm in a slow, safe, and swift motion, which allows for complete access to the fridge’s contents. 

In addition to convenience, the fridge drop-slide is also compact in size, doesn’t require disassembly to install, has a unique lock in / lock out safety feature, is smooth and easy to use, has a stainless-steel handle and faceplate, and can accommodate to any fridge you may have – which makes it the perfect drop-slide to use!

MSA Fridge Drop Slide


Hidden in behind the left drawer panel is where we installed an ARB Twin Cylinder Air Compressor

Air Compressors are an essential item to have when going off-grid. They are extremely useful when needing to inflate tires, camping gear, or anything else you may need inflation for. 

ARB’s Air Compressors are designed to withstand beaming Aussie temperatures, so you can have that peace of mind when traveling that it won’t overheat. 

The Twin Cylinder Compressor provides optimum power for fast inflation, with a twin motor design. It’s constructed of lightweight and high strength materials and features internal thermal protection. 

ARB Twin Cylinder Air Compressor



Underneath the false flooring of the GR Sport is where we installed 2x 110amp Cangoee Lithium Batteries, giving it 220amp of lithium in total. 

Storing the batteries under the floor ensures that no extra space is taken up in the car – it’s completely out of the way and out of sight. 

These batteries give you absolute power on demand. 

Go anywhere in Australia with this set-up, and you’ll never run out of energy.

Cangoee Lithium Batteries


We mounted the Redarc Redvision Display Unit to the rear left side of the GR Sport’s boot for easy access. 

The display unit is there to let us know what exact charge the installed batteries are at, how long they have until they go flat, how they are being charged and how quickly they are charging. 

Plus in conjunction with the Redarc TVMS, the RedVision display unit takes care of all the switching of the accessories we’ve installed like;

  • Night Armour rock light 
  • ARB base rack work lights
  • Fridge
  • Sockets
  • Compressor

All these accessories can be turned on and off through the Redarc RedVision Display Unit or via an App on your smartphone. 

Redarc Redvision Display Unit


We installed the Redarc Manager30 behind the back seats of the GR Sport. 

The Manager30 takes care of all the charging from; 

  • Alternator 
  • Solar 
  • 240v shore power


Our Accelerate custom cup holder bank has room for two sockets of your choice and two Anderson plugs. 

The way we set this one up, we have a USBa & USBc socket, a standard 12v socket, a grey Anderson for power out, and a red Anderson for a portable solar blanket. 

We also installed a 240v GPO (general power outlet) underneath the Redvision unit, which runs straight off the Enerdrive 2000w inverter, allowing for power when wanting to plug in induction cookers and coffee machines etc.


Down the right-hand side of the drawer system, there was enough room left for us to install a 35L water bladder. The water from the bladder runs through to a pump when triggered, which is run off the TVMS. 

Water bladders are handy to have for a number of reasons when on the road. You can rinse things off, clean dirty dishes or fill up a quick cup of water!


Behind the back seats of the GR Sport is where we installed the Enerdrive 2000w AC Transfer Inverter. The reason why we like to use the Enerdrive Transfer inverters in any scenario where we are running an extra GPO, is because these inverters have a built-in RCD safety switch, which means you don’t have to muck around by adding a separate safety switch to reach electrical safety standards. Enerdrive also provides amazing warranty, and their inverters are ultra-reliable.

Enerdrive 2000w AC Transfer Inverter



The GR Sport already had a Bush Company 180-degree awning attached, but to spice things up a bit, we attached some HardKorr bar lights to the arms of the awning. 

To accommodate for this, we set-up power to run through from the second battery system in the car, all the way out to the light bars, to light them up. 

Mounted to the side of the awning is where we placed a controller for the lights, to allow the customer to change the lights colour from bright white to amber, so bugs aren’t a problem when nighttime comes around. 

With this we also installed the ARB base rack work lights, which clamp straight onto the base rack for an easy set-up and is again all wired off the second battery. 

Lastly, we installed a Night Armour rock light to fit onto the boot’s back panel of the door. 

This allows for light when cooking at night and shines perfectly down into the drawers and fridge in the case of needing to get something out. 


The last thing we did on the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Series GR Sport was a standard towing set-up, where we installed the Redarc Tow-Pro Elite V3 in the front of the vehicle and also an ignition isolated Anderson plug at the back of the vehicle.  

When driving with a trailer, caravan, or boat on the back of your vehicle, especially when on a highway, it's imperative to have an effective brake controller system. Imagine driving at 100 kms/hour, and all of a sudden you need to come to a sudden halt! The Redarc Tow-Pro Elite system ensures safe and controlled braking in case something like this were to happen. 

The ignition isolated Anderson plug is there to ensure that when towing a caravan, you can charge your batteries in the caravan while you drive. We isolate the Anderson Plug to ensure your start battery does not get drained when the ignition is turned off. The isolator makes sure that when the car is turned off, the cars main battery is completely isolated from the caravan battery bank, and therefore cannot be flattened. 

Redarc Towpro Elite V3


You can watch the entire video by clicking here where Craig will walk you through the entire set-up and explain all of this + more! 

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