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Communication 4WD installs Sunshine Coast


Stay in contact in remote locations
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Communicate Effortlessly

Tune in to a station and listen to truckies and other caravaners on the road. They'll give you the heads up on traffic, overtaking and ‘other’ hazards.

Travelling In Convoy

If you’re travelling with mates, stay in contact between cars with a UHF Radio. A great addition for safety and also a bit of fun.

Boost 1 Bar of 3G to 4G

If you’re home schooling, working on the road or simply want to call home, upgrading to a mobile phone repeater lets you stay connected, pretty much anywhere!

Got Lost?

No problem! If you’ve got a UHF Radio and a mobile phone repeater, there's a higher chance of being found in remote Australia.

Why You Should Upgrade Your Vehicle Comms?

Don’t get stuck off-grid with no way to share and communicate your adventures with loved ones. We are the off-grid touring experts and that includes upgrading your vehicle or caravan’s communication systems so you can home-school on the road, share content on your socials or just Netflix and chill after a busy day in the sun, even from the most remote locations.

UHF install Sunshine Coast

UHF Radios

A UHF CB is the ideal close range communications tool. It’s a two-way radio system which currently has a frequency range of 80 channels. If you’re heading off the beaten track, an in-vehicle UHF radio is ideal, with the antenna on the outside of the vehicle you will have a much better range than a handheld radio.

Gone are the days that you have a bulky box cluttering up your dash, now we have compact units that are mounted in behind your dash and all you will see is a communication port to plug your microphone into when in use. If you are wanting to stay in contact with your convoy or other cars on the track, then a UHF radio is a must.

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Cel-fi Go Installation Sunshine Coast

Mobile Phone Repeater

Do you need your mobile phone signal boosted? If you want to stay connected with friends and family back home or maybe you need to homeschool the kids or do some work on the road, then a Cel-Fi Go or RV Wi-Fi Mobile Phone Repeater is a must. They are designed to boost and distribute 3G/4G mobile signals for vehicles on-the-go.

We’ve installed these bad boys into 4WD, cars, caravans and motorhomes. It works by boosting a weak signal which then allows for up to 20 devices to connect. Mobile coverage while exploring Australia has never been easier.

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