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Get to your destination safely
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STOP When You Need To

We will have you pulling up quickly and safely. We can install Electric Brake Controllers and Brake Away Units to your tow vehicle.

Safe Towing

Accelerate will ensure your brake lights, reverse lights, indicators, ESC & Brake Controller work when you need them.

Power It Up

We can set up your car to keep your fridge cold and batteries charged in your caravan or trailer while you are driving.

Have Eyes All Around

For us, it’s safety first. Add cameras to your caravan to ensure you can see everywhere when driving & parking.

Why Use Accelerate For Your Towing Solutions?

Do you want to buy a caravan or finally do that long road trip you’ve been dreaming of! Fantastic!

But before you hook up and drive off you need to ensure your tow vehicle is setup for safe towing.

Depending on what you are towing – caravan, camper trailer or trailer, the required upgrades can vary but safety should always be the number one priority.

Chat to one our of Towing Gurus and we can run through what upgrades we would recommend for your vehicle to ensure you and your family safe on the road.

Electric Brake Controllers

Electric Brake Controllers

When you are towing a caravan or trailer, safety should always be your main priority!

In Australia, trailers (including caravans) with a GTM exceeding 750 kgs must have electronic brakes.

If you have a caravan or trailer with electric brakes, the caravan brakes will not work unless you have an electronic brake controller in your towing vehicle. Power is fed from the vehicles stoplights into the controller, then back to the caravan through the trailer plug. This allows the caravan brakes to come on automatically when you apply the vehicle brakes.

We install and recommend Redarc and Elecbrakes branded brake controllers. Prices will vary depending on which controller you would like, and the vehicle you are installing it into.

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Rear Vision Cameras

Rear Vision Cameras

We recommend a reverse camera on the rear of your vehicle to provide a view of your trailer hitch and tongue – allowing you to hook up with just one person.

A second camera, on the rear of your caravan allows you to see behind the van, great for merging and overtaking, plus seeing those tight caravan park sites you need to reverse into.

But why stop with two? We can also add cameras to the side of your van ensuring you don’t hit a pole or tree. Installing one or three cameras to your caravan or trailer, makes reversing and or parking easier and less stressful.

Our range of reverse cameras for your vehicle and caravan can be professionally installed at our caravan friendly workshop. The cameras come in an array of colours, shapes and sizes. The screens can integrate into your existing multimedia centre or a new one. For a cost effective option add a removable screen to your dash or rear view mirror.

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Trailer Plugs

Trailer Plugs

A 7 pin trailer plug connects the following in your vehicle to your caravan;

- Left Hand Indicator
- Right Hand Indicator
- Return to Earth
- Brake Lights
- Tail Lights
- Reverse Lights
- Electric Brake Controller

Upgrade to a 12 pin trailer plug, and have 5 additional pins to connect things like; fridge ignition feed, breakaway battery monitor, ESC or heavy earth return. We generally request a wiring diagram from your trailer or caravan manufacturer to ensure pins on the tow vehicle match the trailer.

We recommend putting a 12 pin flat on your vehicle as it will plug into a 7 pin flat or 12 pin flat on a trailer.

If you want to charge the batteries in your caravan when you drive, an anderson plug is a great option and what we use for most fitouts. However, our team of experts can custom design and build a solution that best fits your needs and budget.

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Anderson Plugs

Anderson Plugs

An anderson plug is a specialised socket we use at the end of our charge circuits. The higher amp rating of the anderson plugs allows for faster charging via larger cables, often 6 or 8 B&S. The plug itself is quite durable and robust, which allows for a more secure connection, making it ideal for exposed areas such as tow bars and ute trays.

Common uses for anderson plugs:

- Charging caravan or camper trailer batteries while driving
- Connecting electronic stability control in caravan to your towing vehicle
- Connecting solar panels to your vehicle or caravan charging system
- Alternative to cigarette sockets for powering 12 volt accessories such as a fridge or air compressor

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Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

If your caravan is already fitted with ESC then we can connect it with your tow vehicle. Our preference is to use a 2 pin red Anderson plug for the connection, because if you plan on going off-grid, you can disconnect the ESC. Alternatively, an ESC can be connected via a 12 pin plug, if you don’t plan on exploring those hard to reach and unique destinations.

If your caravan does not have an ESC system fitted then we can retrofit an electronic stability control system to your caravan and vehicle.

Installing electronic stability control on your caravan can stop that brief, unnerving but dangerous sway that can result in a loss of control and even worse, an accident.

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Towing Mirrors

Towing Mirrors

We believe one of the most important factors when towing is the ability to see what’s going on around you. Your car mirrors are designed to allow you to have a good view around your vehicle, they aren’t going to cut it when towing a caravan. Without towing mirrors you may not be able to see the full length of your caravan, or trailer. This creates a blind spot that can be dangerous for yourself and other people on the road. PLUS, it’s law in Australia that you must have a certain field of view that standard car mirrors just don’t provide when towing. We’ve tried those pesky strapon mirrors, and they are a bit of a pain in the bum. So why not upgrade to proper towing mirrors. We can supply and fit both MSA & Clearview mirrors.

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Towing and Anti Theft

WiTi Advanced Towing & Anti-Theft System

WiTi provide excellent systems for towing and security that interoperate seamlessly which each other. Their products feature advanced technology that is simple to use. Their range includes brake controllers and trailer security.

The anti-theft range is perfect for caravans, camper trailers and anything you tow and want secure. Additional features include GPS tracking, alerting, wireless towing interface and wireless electric brake controller.

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