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Canopy Fit-Out Sunshine Coast


Powering your accessories
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Avoid A DIY Disaster

In our many years of experience, we’ve seen so many DIYs done wrong that have resulted in the new product breaking. Don’t risk it!

Get It Right The First Time

Our qualified techs know which size cable and fuse to use and also how to solder joins so they stay put, even when on a bumpy road.

Our Product Knowledge is A+

With over 80 years of combined trade experience, our team knows all the brands on the market and can recommend the right one for you.

We Will Keep It All Road Legal

Each state and territory in Australia has different laws regarding accessory placement. We will ensure your rig stays legal.

You Need Your 12 Volt Accessories Installed By An Auto Electrician

Make sure the team you choose to upgrade your 4WD’s 12 volt system is trade qualified. Here at Accelerate Off-Grid Touring, everyone that works on your car will be a trade qualified auto electrician or an apprentice studying to become trade qualified. There are so many ‘4WD specialists’ around these days but often they aren’t qualified auto electricians. Don’t risk ruining your expensive products – come to the experts and get it done right the first time.

Camping Fridges Sunshine Coast

12V Camping Fridge

Decided it's time to upgrade from an Esky to a 12volt Camping Fridge. There are a couple of options; Upright and portable and plenty of brands. We can help you choose the right one for your 4WD, we can even supply and install the fridge, mounting bracket or fridge slide. So if you have a brand preference let us know as we can source any for you.

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LED Driving Lights: Spotlights, Lightbars, Worklights or LED Headlight Conversions

LED Driving Lights: Spotlights, Lightbars, Worklights or LED Headlight Conversions

We stock a wide range of brands like Great White, Livid Lighting, Peak Lighting, Night Amour, HardKorr, Stedi, Thunder, and Titan. We can install them in your car, 4WD, caravan, motorhome, boat, or trailer.

Installing additional lights on your vehicle may seem easy enough, however, we’ve seen enough DIY disasters to know this isn’t always the case. If you’ve bought your own LED lights online, we can professionally install it for you so you can be sure it’s done right the first time.

Come in and check out the range and talk to us to ensure we get the perfect light for your vehicle.

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Electronic Rust Proofing

Electronic Rust Proofing

Living by the sea, rust and corrosion is a common problem for Sunshine Coast car owners. Electronic Rust Protection / Proofing is the use of electricity to suppress rust development on steel. There are various forms of electronic rust protection, some technologies have been in daily use protecting ocean-going vessels, underground pipelines, offshore oil rigs, bridges and other large capital investments for over forty years.

We do believe that not all rustproofing products are equal. Here at Accelerate, we use and recommend the CAT Electronic Rust Protection, ERPS & CouplerTech.
If you live by the sea or are planning on taking your 4WD up the beach then we highly recommend getting your vehicle fitted with Electronic Rust Proofing.

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Air Compressors Sunshine Coast

Air Compressors

If you are planning on hitting the sand, rocks or those famous Australian tracks with corrogrations, then you will have to air down your tyres before you start. But what happens when you make it to your destination without damaging a tyre (or maybe you did) you will need to re-inflate to travel safely. An air compressor is a must-have 12 volt upgrade. We can fit the various in-cab solutions to your vehicle or provide you with a power outlet to run a portable device. Even if you don’t plan on going off-road, an Air Compressor is a great addition to allow you to blow up pool toys, and blower out the caravan.

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Alternators Sunshine Coast


If you’re like us, then your alternator is busy charging multiple batteries – the start battery in your car, the dual battery system and the lithium battery system in your caravan. Standard alternators are not designed to be under such a continuous load. For this reason alone, upgrading to a high output alternator to ensure it can charge all of your 12 volt systems is a must. Plus some have the added benefit of being completely sealed which means no damage from dusty roads or river crossings. Ensure your vehicle starts and charges your batteries every time by upgrading your alternator.

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Electric Side-Steps Sunshine Coast

Electric Side Steps

Car too tall for the misses to get into? Maybe you’re sick of lifting the kids up into the carseats and straining your lower back? Side steps are a great option, but when you’re on those gnarly tracks they can be a pain as they reduce the clearance.

Then you need electric side steps! We supply and fit the ClearView Power Boards which are wired up to be activated by the vehicle door sensor, so you open the door and the powerboards lower 300mm and when the door closes they will retract back. With a 300kg load capacity, these Power Boards are built tough.

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4WD Winch Installation Sunshine Coast


Don't get stuck in the mud. This is one time size does matter - we'll help you work out which size winch you need to save your rig by looking at the total weight of your set up, including your rig, gear and what you are towing.

We also have to ensure the winch will fit nicely in your compatible bullbar.

Winches are powered by an electric motor that we link up to your 12 volt power system.

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