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Family Adventures Unleashed: Building the Ultimate 300 Series LandCruiser for Aussie Touring

Family Adventures Unleashed: Building the Ultimate 300 Series LandCruiser for Aussie Touring

Family Adventures Unleashed: Building the Ultimate 300 Series LandCruiser for Aussie Touring

One of the most popular vehicles getting around these days is the epic 300 Series Toyota Landcruiser, we're starting to get a fair few through the joint at the moment and we absolutely love them!

This one here has pretty much all the goodies you can think of to make it pretty much an ultimate tourer or a nice practical family tourer wagon, so from towing setups, dual battery system in the back, drawer systems, UHFs, towing mirrors. This one's also got full JMACX GVM upgrade, which was done prior to coming to us. It's definitely got all the goodies.


The ARB Bull Bar

Starting up the front of this 300, now, come to us already with the ARB bull bar, which, in our opinion, this is one of the better-looking bars out there at the moment for these vehicles.


Type X EVO Pros Stedi Spotlights

What we've managed to do on the bull bar is a set of Stedi spotlights. These are the EVO Pros, with the nice little smiley covers for a bit of aesthetic look.

 But when you wanna use the light, cover comes off as easy as that, and you can pretty much turn night time into day time.


GME 2.1-dBi aerial

A GME 2.1-dBi aerial was also installed for reliable connectivity.  So this aerial's a really good all-rounder, looks nice on the front as well, and it's nice and short.

We can interchange it for the 6.6 dBi using the same base by just unscrewing the top whip. But the short whip is much more popular 'cause it allows you to still fit into those car parks without donking your aerials on signs or roofs


Clearview Compact Towing Mirrors : Small in size, Big in Vision

On this vehicle, we pretty much rolled the 300-series brand-new Clearview towing mirrors. These are the compact mirrors, so I think they look quite nice on the vehicle.

There are other options available, but these are pretty much brand new to the market. The beauty of these is, if you grab them, need to turn my van, they extend on out, giving you much more clearance down the side.

Simple push, back in they go, keeping a sleek look on the vehicle. These compacts pretty much are one of the options available, but they all feature all the specs of the factory mirrors, from power fold, lane assist, you know, all your adjustment, everything like that. These are pretty much a direct replacement for the factory mirrors. They give you so much more visibility.

Inside the 300 series

Inside this vehicle, we've got our usuals, REDARC Tow-Pro dial mounted in a factory blank, The Tow-Pro dial consists of safely filters the brake signal from the brake light circuit sourced from the trailer socket which is controlled from the vehicle’s trailer module.

RJ45 passthrough for the UHF. UHF we're using is one of the GME XRS-370s.

Don't need to run you through as many features on this in this one in particular. Check out our full GME video 'HOW TO GUIDE' FOR YOUR GME UHF up in this link here, somewhere, to run through all the specs available on this unit.

The beauty of these is, with our RJ45 passthrough, I can literally unplug this, get rid of it, put it in the glove box, put it in the back for the kids to play with, and there's no cables up the front in the cab.


RV Storage Solutions Easy Access Combo

So pretty much, back here, open up the boot. In the back here, we have the RV Storage Solutions Easy Access Combo. These ones in particular have the black kit, much better than the silver, in my opinion.

We've got the Easy Access Combo. We've got a wing kit. We got a single drawer. We got the travel slide as such. So the fridge slide, we can pretty much come out, normal fridge slide, 60-liter angle.

We pull this section out, we've got a table that's at a nice height to drink beers off, baby-change table, you name it. Make your lunch on it. Who knows? We open it up, I can put my bits, bobs, nappies, wipes. But it's all super sturdy, really nice height, awesome utilisation of the space in the back of this car. If you shoot around to the other side we have the draw, super deep with lots of space. 


They look awesome fitted in the back of these 300s. A couple of different variations available, we can get 'em with drawer fridges, double drawers, you know, single slide without this. There's so many different combinations that RV Storage Solutions offer.

A Twin ARB compressor and Air Tank

Onboard air, so tucked up in behind the factory trim panel is a twin ARB compressor and air tank controlled from the switch here. Need the vehicle running 'cause compressors pull so much power. We wire 'em up so the car's gotta be running to run your compressor.

We've got the Airbag Man digital gauge, so these pressures are reading the airbag pressures in the suspension, so to adjust your ride height. And one of the fancy things, no more just air lines that you gotta pull out, plug in, this coil of airline you gotta have in your drawers, floating around, always a tangle. So we opt for a nice retractable airline mounted into the drawer system. Pulls out, we got six metres of hose. We can go all around, pump up our car tyres, van tyres as we need. And pretty much, when we're done, she just feeds on back into its hole. Done. So much better than airlines to plug on in.


USB socket, cig sockets, solar input, 12-volt out in an Anderson.

 So on this side, in our power section, we've got double GPO running off a 1,000-watt inverter tucked into this drawer system. USB socket, cig sockets, solar input, 12-volt out in an Anderson, and this here is our inverter switch as such. All right, drawer system, so obviously, when you put in a drawer system, this was a seven-seater, so we had to remove the rear seats.



 Invicta Slimline lithium Battery 100aH

Beauty of that is we get extra space under the system. What would usually be dead space in most cars we've utilised for the battery system in this actual 300. So under the drawers, we've got 100 amp of Invicta lithium in their slimline model pretty much tucked up underneath the drawers.

As you can see, on this side under here, we've got our Enerdrive DC-DC charger, which does our solar charge, our vehicle charge while we're driving. And then, under the wing kit on this side, we've got our 1,000-watt inverter tucked under the side of the drawers, which gives us our 240-volt power. So what usually would be dead space in the drawer system we've utilised for our full battery system, keeping the weight also down over the rear axle as such, with the battery system, instead of up under the bonnet.


All right, guys, well, we hope that we give you full information for this run-through of this 300 series. This one of the ultimate towing and touring vehicles in a waggon base, with all of the knickknacks, drawers, all that kind of stuff. Don't forget to send us your enquiries and questions in 

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