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Redarc Gauges

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REDARC gauges monitor vehicle health like battery voltage, current draw, exhaust gas temperature (EGT), manifold boost and vacuum pressure, oil pressure and a range of temperatures - outside, cabin, oil, water, coolant and fridge temperatures. This extensive range of LCD/LED gauges combine dual or triple functions in the one 52mm gauge.


  • Programmable alert levels (except voltage gauges)
  • LCD/LED screen
  • Satin chrome bezel • 13 selectable colours
  • Relay output and peak hold functions (except voltage gauges)
  • Display illuminates when park lights are turned on

Gauge Types

Voltage Gauges 

Monitors the charging performance of main and/or auxiliary battery. Ideal for battery systems installed in 4WDs, campers, caravans, motorhomes.

  • Single: Measures one voltage level. The voltage is indicated on a 270° sweep gauge indicating between 7.5 and 16.5V.

  • Dual: Measures the voltage levels of two 12V batteries. Each battery voltage is indicated on a 120° sweep gauge indicating between 10 and 16V.

Temperature Gauges

Monitors your engine’s oil and/or water (coolant) temperature. Used for monitoring engine oil and/or water (coolant) temperature.

  • Single: Measures from 30° to 160°C and is equipped with an optional ±100A rated current display that monitors the amount of current to or from a battery.

  • Dual:Measures from 60° to 150°C. The G52-TTT gauge also supports one of four optional temperature sensors.

EGT & Boost Pressure Gauges

A must-have for turbocharged diesel vehicles, these gauges are used to monitor the exhaust gas temperature (EGT) of turbo-equipped vehicles through a supplied a pyrometer probe.

  • Boost Pressure: Measures exhaust gas temperature which is shown on a 270° sweep gauge indicating between 0° and 1000°C

  • EGT & Boost Pressure (optional Temperature): Measures boost pressure between 0 and 35PSI and exhaust gas temperature between 300° and 750°C. 

  • EGT & Boost Pressure (optional Current):Measures boost pressure between 0 and 35PSI and exhaust gas temperature between 300° and 750°C. 

  • EGT & Boost Pressure ( optional Oil Pressure):Measures boost pressure between 0 and 35PSI and exhaust gas temperature between 300° and 750°C.

EGT & Boost+Vacuum Gauge

Shows the amount of boost or vacuum present in the intake manifold.

Oil Pressure Gauges 

pressure, all gauges are supplied with one REDARC 1/8” NPT thread oil pressure sensor able to read up to 150PSI, depending on the model.

  • Single: G52-PT is an oil pressure gauge that displays from 0 to 130PSI.

  • Oil Pressure & Water Temperature: Measures oil pressure and water temperature. The oil pressure and temperature are indicated on a 120° sweep gauges indicating between 0 and 80PSI and 30° and 120°C.

  • Oil Pressure & Oil Temperature:Oil pressure gauge that displays pressure from 0 to 80PSI and oil temperature. It is supplied with a 1/4” NPT thread oil temperature sensor that displays temperatures from 60° to 150°C. 


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