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EOFY Sale: 50% of Labour on Installs & $500 Off LC300 Series DIY Dual Battery Kits
EOFY Sale: 50% of Labour on Installs & $500 Off LC300 Series DIY Dual Battery Kits
Level Up Your 300 Series LandCruiser - The Ultimate Towing Set Up

Level Up Your 300 Series LandCruiser - The Ultimate Towing Set Up

Join Matt, one of our electrical technicians at Accelerate Off-Grid Touring showcases this 300 series build:

This 300 Series Land Cruiser build is focused on creating an off-grid capable vehicle for touring and towing. The main goals were to add key functionality for off-grid power, vehicle recovery, towing safety and enhanced connectivity while maintaining a clean factory look.

Some of the key systems installed include:

The overall aim was to build out the vehicle's off-grid capability while retaining its comfort and drivability for long distance travel. Functionality was added in a "stealthy" way, keeping the factory look and feel. This provides a platform for off-grid touring while avoiding a cluttered dash appearance.

1. All-New Invicta Xero Dual Battery System

One of the key features of this build is the dual battery system installed under the hood. We fitted an All-new Invicta Xero 120Ah battery which has some great benefits. This battery has a higher output of 150 amps, allowing you to run a 1500 watt inverter if desired. While the battery life wouldn't last as long powering that large of an inverter, it's a great option to have that much output available.

The dual battery setup includes DC in and DC out connections, an isolated Anderson plug, and all the necessary sockets and fuses. Everything is neatly installed and easily accessible under the hood. The Invicta Xero 120Ah battery gives you solid performance while providing the higher power output that's great to have available when running additional accessories and electronics off your auxiliary battery.

2. GMF Aerial Mounting Bracket

The 300 Series LandCruiser has limited mounting points for accessories like antennas and lights. The GMF aerial mounting bracket solves this issue by providing sturdy and versatile mounting locations.

The bracket can be installed on either the driver's or passenger's side. With two available positions, you can mount multiple antennas or lights and spread them out for better visibility and range.

The bracket is designed specifically for the 300 Series, so it integrates seamlessly with the vehicle's design. The mounting points allow you to install antennas, spotlights, mini lights, or other accessories. With the dual brackets, you can mount equipment on both sides of the vehicle.

The key benefits of the aerial mounting bracket include:

  • Provides sturdy mounting points on the 300 Series when factory options are limited
  • Can be installed on driver's or passenger's side for mounting flexibility
  • Allows installing multiple antennas, spotlights, lights, or other accessories
  • Sleek, integrated design made specifically for the 300 Series
  • Allows accessories to be mounted on both sides of the vehicle
  • Don't need a bull bar to mount a stick antenna 

The aerial mounting bracket solves the issue of limited mounting options on the 300 Series LandCruiser. With its dual side and mounting point options, you can customize your accessory setup.


3. Advance ICE Trailer Bracket

One of the key upgrades we installed on this LandCruiser 300 Series is the Advanced ICE Stainless steel trailer plug bracket, which is specially designed for the 300 Series.

This heavy duty bracket neatly integrates all your trailer wiring needs in one place, including:

  • 7/12 Pin Trailer Plug Mount
  • Anderson Plug
  • Breakaway Switch Holder
  • Airbag Man Manual Inflation Point Mount
  • Safety Dave Woza Mount 

Having everything mounted to one integrated style bracket makes wiring so much cleaner and easier compared to individual mounts scattered around the rear of the vehicle. 

The custom brackets are made to suit the 300 Series, with cutouts specifically designed around the rear bar and chassis. This means no drilling or mods needed for install.

With the wiring and inflation point at your fingertips, hooking up a trailer or caravan is super convenient. No more crawling around to find sockets or struggling with tangled wires.

The pro-grade materials and smart integrated design make this an essential upgrade for anyone towing with their LandCruiser 300 Series.

4. The Accelerate Cup Holder Power Socket Bank

One of the key convenience upgrades we installed in this 300 Series Landcruiser is the custom Accelerate Off-grid Touring cup holder power socket bank. This provides easy access to power outlets and USB charging without taking up space on the dash.

The Cup Holder Socket Bank includes:

  • 2x Anderson plugs
  • 1x Cigarette lighter socket
  • 2x USB charging ports

Having multiple power outlets allows passengers to conveniently charge or power their devices. The two Anderson plugs are useful for powering 12V accessories commonly used in 4WD touring and overlanding, such as fridges, lighting, or pumps.

The cigarette lighter socket provides an easy way to power 12V devices without needing special connectors. And the two USB ports allow modern USB-charged electronics like phones and tablets to be charged.

With all these options integrated into the cup holder space, power and charging is available for everyone without cluttering the interior. It's a clean  install that looks factory fitted. The advantage over dash mounts is cup holders are accessible to all passengers.
Overall this custom Accelerate Off-grid Touring cup holder power socket bank adds a lot of functionality and convenience without taking up premium dash space or looking messy. It's an integrated solution that looks great and provides easy everyday access to power.



5. CEL-FI Signal Booster

The CEL-FI signal booster is an important addition for maintaining mobile connectivity while touring off the grid. This device improves mobile signal by amplifying existing cellular networks in areas of weak coverage.

The unit is mounted in the rear of the vehicle using velcro strips for easy installation and removal. The two external antennas connect to the CEL-FI booster to pull in weak exterior signals and push out a stronger amplified signal inside the vehicle. This significantly boosts the usable signal strength for mobile phones and other connected devices.

A key benefit of the CEL-FI in this build is its portability. Since the customer plans to use it both in the vehicle and while camping in a caravan, the booster was mounted for quick and simple removal. Just the two antenna cables and power cable need to be detached, then the whole unit can be taken out in seconds. This allows the signal enhancement to be enjoyed in multiple on and off grid locations.

Reliable connectivity is crucial when touring off the grid, so the CEL-FI provides an excellent solution for maintaining mobile signal where coverage is sparse. The installation focused on keeping the system tidy and removable for use in the caravan as needed. This flexibility helps ensure continuous communication capability on and off the road.

6. Advance ICE Safety Dave System Integration

The 300 Series Landcruiser has been integrated with the Advanced ICE Safety Dave system. This allows the front and rear camera views to be displayed directly on the vehicle's head unit screen. There is no need for any additional screens to be installed in the vehicle.

To view the rear camera, simply hold the menu button on the head unit and the rear camera view will be displayed. The system has two camera inputs, so when the vehicle is put into reverse gear, the rear camera view is automatically displayed to assist with reversing the vehicle.

This integrated system keeps all the wiring hidden away for a clean factory look. With no additional screens mounted in the vehicle, it also removes distractions and clutter while driving. The Safety Dave system seamlessly integrates the capabilities of a dual camera system directly into the existing head unit. This is a great way to enhance visibility and safety without modifying the look and feel of the vehicle's cabin.

Overall, the Advanced ICE integration is an excellent addition that provides expanded camera visibility through the head unit in a factory integrated style.

7.  BlackVue Dash Cam

The BlackVue front and rear dash cam provides an added layer of safety and security while on the road. Having both front and rear facing cameras allows for full coverage in case of an incident.

The front camera records everything happening on the road ahead. This provides video evidence in the case of an accident or if a driving offense occurs. The high-quality video can help establish facts and fault if any legal situation arises.

Meanwhile, the rear camera keeps an eye on the back of the vehicle. It can capture any erratic driving behaviors from other motorists. The rear view is also helpful to review in parking incidents or accidents.

Together, the BlackVue dash cam system delivers 24/7 monitoring and protection. The cameras turn on automatically when starting the engine. Continuous recording occurs while driving, only stopping when parked and turned off.

Built-in shock sensors automatically save recordings if a collision occurs. This prevents footage from being overwritten. The dash cam also has a parking mode to monitor any hits, bumps, or suspicious activity.

With GPS tracking, the camera logs the vehicle's speed and location. This contextual data further validates the video evidence.

Installing a quality front and rear dash cam like the BlackVue provides added safety, security, and peace of mind on the road. The investment is well worth it for protective driving surveillance and insurance against incidents.

In conclusions, this build allows for greater self-sufficiency and convenience while exploring off the grid. The Invicta Xero dual battery powers on-board accessories for camping. The CEL-FI boosts mobile signal in remote locations. The Advanced ICE integrated trailer wiring simplifies towing. Accelerate Off-grid Touring Cup Holder power socket bank,  And the BlackVue cameras aid driving safety and capture memorable trip footage. With these upgrades, touring the Australian outback will be more enjoyable and secure.

To see the full overview and walkthrough of this 300 series build, check out the video here:

(In this video, Matt, one of Accelerate Off-grid Touring expert provides an in-depth look at all the key features covered in this article, including the All-New Invicta Xero dual battery system, CEL-FI signal booster, Advanced ICE Stainless Steel Trailer Wiring Bracket, and more. See the install process and final setup of 300 series).

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