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EOFY Sale: 50% of Labour on Installs & $500 Off LC300 Series DIY Dual Battery Kits
VW Amarok Panamericana Custom Canopy Set Up

VW Amarok Panamericana Custom Canopy Set Up

Volkswagen Amarok Panamericana Custom Canopy Set Up


Join Craig from Accelerate's sales team and Drew, one of our master technicians, as they explore the intricacies of equipping the Volkswagen Amarok Panamericana with a custom canopy. This project highlights the innovative features and functionalities that set this vehicle apart from your traditional set up. 



The Canopy

The Volkswagen Amarok Panamericana shares a strong resemblance with the Ranger platform, making many of the components discussed applicable to both vehicles. The canopy featured in this build is a Mode canopy manufactured by Zone. Constructed from composite materials, it offers lightweight durability. However, mounting challenges arose due to its non-traditional alloy makeup. Craig and Drew discuss the rationale behind their choices and why this canopy is a compelling option for potential buyers.



The Builds Purpose 

The primary objective of this build was to enable off-grid charging for e-bikes, facilitating week-long adventures without the need for constant recharging. Additionally, the setup needed to support other off-grid activities such as cooking with induction cooktops and brewing coffee. Craig and Drew emphasise the freedom this setup provides, allowing users to escape civilisation while maintaining essential comforts.



Key Components 

The build incorporates several essential components, including a 2000-watt REDARC inverter, REDARC Manager30 with a TVMS, and a Slimline B-TEC 200A 12V lithium battery. Craig and Drew elaborate on the selection process for these components, highlighting their functionality and suitability for the build's objectives.



Customer Board Design 

Due to the unique structural characteristics of the Mode canopy, a custom board was required for component mounting. Drew explains the challenges faced during the design and manufacturing process, emphasising the importance of meticulous planning to conceal cables and achieve a neat, integrated appearance.


Expandability and Future Upgrades 

The system's scalability is discussed, with Drew explaining how additional battery capacity can be easily integrated by stacking B-TEC lithium batteries. He also outlines potential upgrades, such as transitioning to a larger inverter, to accommodate evolving needs.


Customer Support and Services  

Craig and Drew underscore Accelerate's comprehensive approach to customer satisfaction, highlighting their ability to tailor solutions for various vehicles and preferences. They discuss the range of services offered, from electrical installations to bullbar and suspension upgrades, emphasizing the convenience of dealing with a single company for all customizations.


In summary, the Volkswagen Amarok Panamericana custom canopy build offers a versatile and robust off-grid solution. Craig and Drew invite potential customers to explore their options and envision their perfect custom tourer, assuring them of Accelerate's dedication to delivering tailored solutions and exceptional service.

For inquiries and further information, visit, engage with the comment section below, and subscribe to their YouTube channel for more insights and updates.


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