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Isuzu NPS 4x4 Build

Isuzu NPS 75/55 4x4 Build Series - Episode 2

Following on from our first Isuzu NPS 4x4 episode, we give you a run through of the latest additions made to our ultimate touring vehicle.

Isuzu NPS 4x4 truck build

 As you can probably tell - quite a bit has changed since the first video!


The first clear change of the truck is its colour. We got the NPS wrapped, thanks to the team over at Uber Graphics

We weren't too keen on the original white colour the Isuzu NPS came as, so we got it wrapped to look a bit tougher and to suit our colour preferences. The wrap also slightly exhibits a part of the Accelerate Off-Grid Touring logo - which gives it a bit of subtle branding! Plus adds a bit of protection when hitting those bush tracks. 


All Terrain Warriors installed the Cab Brush Bar. This is the bar that protects the front windscreen and can has lots of mounting points for lights so you can light up the night. 


The spotlights mounted on the front of the truck (as pictured above) are the Night Armour 7-inch spotties. They output 7000 lumens each, come with - we've added on black covers. We added 6 spotlights along the front. Shop the spotties here.

The light bars on the roof are Night Armour's 22-inch black ops range, which feature an impressive 16,800 lumens each.  These bad boys look amazing as they are black in colour.  Shop the LightBars here

We also added in HardKorr rock lights down the sides - we've got plans to put sensors on these for a bit of security at night. 


The truck features two aerials mounted to the front cab bar. We used the GME AE4705B

One is for the UHF, and the other for the Cel-Fi Go.

The Cel-Fi Go is a mobile phone signal booster, which provides the ultimate cellular range in times where you are truely off-grid. It takes one bar of 3G, and boosts this into 4G, so you can stream, email, call and text etc.  The Cel-fi Go is mounted under the dash. Shop the Cel-Fi Go here.


The canopy featured is 2.2 by 2.2, and was made by Xtreme8 Fabrication - who is local to the Sunshine Coast. He made sure to match the colour of the canopy with the wrap, and absolutely nailed it.

Stage 3 will bring together our vision for the inside of the canopy, and the electric work will all be featured in episode 3 of this build series! We plan  to have a full set-up kitchen in there, which they are in the process of currently designing. 


For the suspension, the truck has King Remote's Res shocks, the All Terrain Warrior's Parabolic's, and then instead of bump stops, it's got the Airbag Man airbags, which is all in-cab controlled. We have installed a switch panel on the dash, where the compressor can also be turned on.


We've installed the Safety Dave Tyre Pressure Monitoring System onto the truck tyres, caravan tyres & also the airbag man suspension. 

Considering the truck holds a lot of weight, keeping an eye on tyre temperatures is a must. 


On the roof, on the ATW rack, we've mounted 2x Enerdrive 200watt high voltage Solar Panels, so 400watts in total, which feeds straight back down into the canopy. 

As long as the sun is shining, having solar panels installed provides constant power.  


Is a must for us, we chose the Alpine Halo Unit, this replaced the existing stereo, it connects into our iPhone and we've got access to all our apps like, Spotify, podcasts, plus messaging & phone calls via Siri - so at the click of a button, we can say - Hey Siri - message Andrew iPhone .......... 


The UHF installed is an XRS 370, shop it here, the UHF has a Bluetooth connection so you can set it up in an app. The actual unit it's self is hidden up under the dash and the a RJ45 connection is all we see on the dash and we can plug the hand piece into that, really easy to remove when not in use. The unit has an inbuilt speaker plus the speaker in the hand-piece, so perfect for hearing over truck noise. 


We've installed the Redarc TowPro Elite 12-24v V3 Electric Brake Controller in the truck. We love them and highly recommend them for all vehicles towing. You can shop them online here.

Our watch our youtube review here.


Truck Noise is a real thing, so we added in the Car Builders Sound Deadening.  It was a massive project that took 40-50hours. 

Absolutely everything has to come out of the cab, except for the dashboard. It's got numerous 'stages' for different parts of the truck (you use different parts on the floor, walls & ceilings) plus we added in foam and carpet to finish it all off.


ATW installed Stratos Suspension Seats for the front driver & passenger seats. They come with an adjustable arm rest, inflatable lumber support and a lot of bounce to smooth out the ride. 

ATW removed the 3rd seat in the front and installed an All Terrain Warriors custom centre console. It has two cup holders inbuilt in it, and opens up a storage compartment at a push of a button. 

Watch the full run-down video now by clicking here, and stay tuned to the Accelerate Off-Grid Touring YouTube Channel to watch us tour in this beast around Australia beginning March, 2023! 

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