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Redarc TVMS Product Review

Redarc Total Vehicle Management System (TVMS) Review

Redarc TVMS Bundle 

Redarc TVMS Product Review

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There’s plenty of competition on the market today when it comes to the world of off-grid touring. With so many products required to build a full system, bundles are often a great starting point for covering the basics. 

There is a lot to unpack when it comes to the Redarc Total Vehicle Management System Bundle (TVMS Bundle) and we’re not just referring to the name. As the title implies, this system is designed to charge and monitor your battery and accessories so you can get on with your next adventure. 

Redarc Battery Management System (BMS)

Firstly the bundle consists of the Redarc Battery Management System (BMS) and it really handles the charging side of the bundle. 

How it works is by taking input from the alternator, solar panel and also a 240 cable, like at a caravan park, and outputs a fully DCDC regulated charge through the TVMS.

Total Vehicle Management System (TVMS)

The TVMS acts as the heart of the system with both a screen and phone app to tell you exactly what's going in and out of your battery. This all works by the current flows moving through it and using a shunt connected to the BMS through a CAN cable to monitor everything.

Perhaps one of the best features of the TVSM is its ten amp circuits. With five 10amp and five 30amp circuits to connect to, you can really personalise the system to your needs.

The five output 10amp circuits are great for running things like;

  • Hardkorr lights
  • Disco lights (for show)
  • TVs
  • USBs

While the five 30amp circuits are capable of;

  • Fridge
  • Travel buddy
  • Lights

As part of its monitoring, it also utilises two temperature sensors, which can be used to read fridges and freezers. Additionally, it has the ability to monitor up to six water tanks, which gives it the capacity to have a full installation in large caravans.

Another brilliant feature, and why it is a Total Vehicle Management System, is because you can put different inputs to it. 

So for example, you'd use a high beam input, reverse input or ignition input, and then you can programme each one of these outputs to be logic controlled.

So let's say, if you are in reverse and you've got the switch on your reverse lights come on up on your canopy, you can have your fridge on all the time and you can essentially programme each one of the soft keys to do something different depending on what the vehicle is doing around it. 


Keeping tabs on the BMS and the TVMS is the Redvision screen. It has the ability to not only track the battery percentage but also days remaining. 

The screen also displays icons which change to green so you know which input is currently charging the battery.

The RedVision screen is also able to be customised with soft keys that you can program and change the icons of, as it links directly to the ten amp circuits.

Another handy feature of the Redvision screen is you can have multiple in the one vehicle which can be connected via a CAN Cable to display the exact same readings. So while you're driving you have full control of anything connected to the TVMS such as side lights, Travel Buddy, rear lights etc. 

RedVision & Configurator App

The Redvision Screen comes with full Bluetooth capabilities which allows it to sync directly to your phone via the Redarc Redvision App.

The Redvision App displays the draws and percentages of the TVMS and allows users to keep tabs on their system, much like the Redvision Screen, but without needing to be near your vehicle. 

If you want to really impress your mates around the campfire, you can also control everything running off the TVMS directly from your phone. 

The Configurator is the other must have app with this system. Once paired with the system you can change the icons, you can move them around each time you upload it and get them to switch on at different times. 

One really cool thing is you can actually then save that file in your phone of that system preference and have multiple different saves on the app.  So you could have one set up for your weekend camping with the mates, and have another for touring with your caravan.

Overall we love this bundle, not just because of the reliability and quality of Redarc products…

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