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Why choose Invicta Battery

Invicta Batteries: Why We Recommend Them 

Invicta Batteries: Why We Recommend Them 

We are going to cover a couple of different things about them. 
  • The only battery that's got full IEC certification as a complete battery, not just the cells. 
  • They are an original OEM spec battery
  • Only battery at this point that's got a 7-year warranty
  • Their Weight
  • Management App
These points together make them a bit of a no brainer, so let’s get into it.

IEC Certification

Firstly, Invicta Lithium Batteries have a full IEC certification. The whole battery is certified, not only the cells. This is fairly unique in the lithium battery space. These batteries have undergone the full certification process.

OEM Specification Battery

And they are an original OEM spec battery. So that means these are the safest batteries on the market at the moment as certified. You don’t need to do anything else to them, and neither do we. This provides a high level of peace of mind, especially when going on trips with your family when safety is key. 

7 Year Warranty

They are the only battery at this point that's got a seven-year warranty!  That's it, you're done.
If you're looking for a battery for at least seven years, expecting 10 to 15, this is the battery for you. Talk about extreme levels of peace of mind! Knowing your battery is covered by a warranty longer than a 2019 Mitsubishi Triton, it's a good feeling.


This here's a 100Ah and it weighs about 12.5 kilos. This is comparable to an AGM which would be solid 30-35 kilos. We have a massive weight saving, nice and easy to carry and will go anywhere. These batteries can be used in many different locations. They're great inside a portable battery box to keep the weight down. This makes it an actual portable battery box. We also use them in caravans for underneath seats, and so on as well as in big battery banks. 


This van has got in it 400 amps 2x 200Ah’s. We also use this slim version behind the back seats of a lot of dual-cabs, and also some wagons where we can slip them down. We've found these to be extremely versatile with many different applications. 
The depth of discharge, and recharge rate, make this battery last a lot longer than an AGM. As a Lithium battery, it can be cycled up to eight times more than an AGM battery, it will also take a lot more charge. An AGM battery will charge quite slowly. By comparison one of these you can pump the current in and they will recharge very quickly. It'll cut down your recharge time by a lot. 
That's good is if you've got a lot of solar or something like that your battery bank will recover an awful lot quicker.
Check out the video where we go over this and more here:

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