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ISUZU NPS 300 - Ultimate Power Packed Off-Grid Setup - 600ah Lithium

ISUZU NPS 300 - Ultimate Power Packed Off-Grid Setup - 600ah Lithium

Come check out this Power Packed Off-Grid Setup we completed in an Isuzu NPS300. 

The customer wanted to ensure between the truck and their caravan (that has an identical system in it) they can stay Outback and Off-Grid endlessly.


The brief....

Complementing the Caravan Systems

...was to ensure the customer could stay Off-Grid endlessly (as long as the sun is shinning).  PLUS they wanted to be able to transfer power between the truck and caravan if one had run out of power.

We put the same Enerdrive system in the Isuzu NPS that we had already put into their caravan.

  • 600ah Enerdrive Lithium
  • 2600watt Enerdrive Transfer Inverter
  • 40amp Enerdrive DC2DC Charger
  • 60amp Enerdrive AC Charger
  • 60amp Morningstar TriStar Solar Controller
  • Enerdrive ePro Battery Monitor

Our customer plans on travelling full-time in their 'house on wheels'. 

 So what that means is, is that if they do find themselves for whatever reason, low on power in the caravan, they can transfer the power stored in the truck batteries into the caravan.


The Enerdrive 300Ah B-Tec Lithium Batteries

The Enerdrive ePOWER B-TEC 12V 300Ah G2 Lithium Battery is an excellent choice for off-grid setups due to its high capacity and light weight.
The ePOWER B-TEC 12V 300Ah G2 Lithium Battery features a built-in battery management system (BMS). The BMS helps to ensure safe and accurate operation of the battery by maintaining the battery's health and prevent overcharging or discharging. This system ensures that the battery operates optimally and extends its lifespan.

We've paralleled 2 x 300ah Batteries together giving them a total of 600ah of Lithium in the truck.

The Enerdrive B-Tec Batteries also incorporates wireless Battery Monitoring Technology. By downloading the Android™ or Apple® app to your smartphone or tablet device, you can monitor the following information;
  • Battery Capacity
  • Battery Voltage
  • Battery Current (Amps)
  • Battery State of Charge (SOC)
  • Battery State of Health (SOH)
  • Battery Status
  • Individual Cell Voltage
  • Battery Temperature
  • Battery Cycles
  • Battery Alarms
  • Battery Event Information

The Enerdrive 12V 40A DC2DC Battery Charger and its role in off-grid setups

The Enerdrive 12V 40A DC2DC Battery Charger is an essential component of off-grid setups. This charger is designed to charge the battery bank from the vehicle's alternator while driving, ensuring that the battery is always topped up.


DC2DC charger is also compatible with solar panels, allowing you to charge the battery bank using renewable energy. This feature is particularly useful when camping in remote areas with limited access to a power outlet.

Harnessing solar power with the Enerdrive Solar Panel - 190w and Morningstar TriStar 60 Amp Solar Controller

First up let's chat about why we use both a DC2DC Charger and a Solar Controller.

We wire the DC2DC Charger to take input from the Alternator and also we put a red Anderson plug on the truck so you can plug in a portable solar panel when you are stationary.

We wire the Solar Controller to take input from the Solar Panels on the roof of the truck.

Why we do this - double the input while driving. While the truck is turned on - it will take 40amps of input from the alternator and 60amps of input from the solar on the roof. That'a up to a whopping 100amps an hour going into your battery bank while driving. 

Our main aim for all off-grid setup's is to recharge the batteries as fast as possible.

We managed to get 6 x 190watt Enerdrive Solar Panels on the roof - that's a whopping 1140watt's of solar on the roof of this truck. When testing we saw it putting in 50amps via the solar controller.

The Morningstar TriStar 60 Amp Solar Controller is a high-quality solar controller that is designed to work seamlessly with the Enerdrive Solar Panels.

Efficient charging solutions with the Enerdrive 60amp ePOWER Smart Battery Charger 12v

The Enerdrive 60amp ePOWER Smart Battery Charger 12v we add in a AC charger so if they customer is at a caravan park or at home and wants to charge the batteries via 240volt mains power they can.


Running 240volt devices with Enerdrive 2600watt Transfer Inverter

We love the Enerdrive 2600watt Inverter. It will run all of your house hold appliances like Induction Cooktop, Microwave, Air-Fryers or even use it to charge or your power tools, laptops and drones.

It's a great addition to any off-grid setup. The inverter converts the 12v power stored in your lithium batteries to 240v power required to run your standard household appliances.


Enerdrive ePRO Plus Battery Monitor, Enerdrive ePower Inverter Switch Screen

Under the rear seats in the cab of the truck we have mounted a control panel which houses

  • Enerdrive ePro Screen
  • Enerdrive Inverter On/Off Switch
  • Fuses
  • Air Hose connection
  • Sockets
The enerdrive ePRO, shows you the status of your battery bank. It shows at a glance, % of battery left, how many amps are being used or being input. Plus lots more.

We've also mounted in the same location the inverter on/off switch and some 12volt sockets.


Creating a complete off-grid setup with the Dometic CFX-95L Fridge

To create a complete off-grid setup, you need a fridge to keep those beers cold and snags frozen. The Dometic CFX-95L Fridge is a Compressor Dual Zone Fridge Freezer. This is the ultimate fridge/freezer, capable of being powered by AC, DC or solar, and robust enough to store all your food and drink on your next camping trip.

The Dometic CFX3 95DZ uses a powerful compressor which allows you to refrigerate or deep-freeze down to -22°C. The unit features improved low-voltage technology, meaning it draws less power than a 60W lightbulb. This technology also features a visual interface and a fully integrated app to give you visibility and control over the power usage of your fridge/freezer. The app makes it easy to monitor the temperature remotely, track the temperature history and energy consumption...

 We've mounted the Dometic Fridge on a MSA Drop Down Fridge Slide.

HardKorr 100cm Super Bright LED Light Bar

The HardKorr 100cm Super Bright LED Light Bar is another essential accessory for off-grid setups. This light bar provides bright, efficient lighting and can be used in a range of applications, including camping and off-roading.

Essential power connections: 240v Main Power Inlet and Outlet

To allow the customer to transfer power seamlessly between the caravan and truck we added in a 240volt inlet and outlet on the rear of the truck. 


ARB 24v Twin-Cylinder Compressor

In under the rear seat we have mounted the ARB 24v twin Cylinder Air Compressor. We installed 3 outlet's for the customer.

One on the passenger and drivers side in the rear of the cab. This allows them to use the standard ARB 6m air hose to pump up the wheels on the truck. Then we've installed one on the rear of the truck that will allow them to pump up the tyres on their caravan.



In conclusion, off-grid setups are becoming increasingly popular, especially among outdoor enthusiasts. By harnessing the power of the Isuzu NPS 300 with Enerdrive's cutting-edge lithium batteries and accessories, you can create a self-sufficient power system that can provide all the necessary power for your appliances. With the right setup, you can explore remote areas without the need for a power outlet. So, if you are planning a camping or off-road trip, consider investing in an off-grid setup today.

You can watch the entire video by clicking here where Craig will walk you through the entire ISUZU NPS-300 Armadillo ultimate set-up + more! 






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