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ISUZU D-MAX Rig Rundown | Setup for Weekend Touring | The Ultimate 4x4 Tourer

ISUZU D-MAX Rig Rundown | Setup for Weekend Touring | The Ultimate 4x4 Tourer

Check out this Isuzu Dmax Setup as the Ultimate Weekend Touring Rig.


Get ready for the ultimate off-road adventure with the ISUZU D-MAX Rig Rundown! This powerhouse of a 4x4 is designed to conquer any terrain, making it the perfect rig set up for weekend touring. With its rugged build and impressive capabilities, the D-MAX is the perfect companion for outdoor enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies alike. Whether you're planning an epic camping trip or a thrilling off-road excursion, this ultimate 4x4 tourer is equipped with all the features and accessories you need to take on the great outdoors. From its powerful engine to its durable suspension, the ISUZU D-MAX is ready to take you on the adventure of a lifetime. So buckle up and prepare to explore the wild in style with the D-MAX Rig Rundown!

Offroad Animal Predator Bar

Offroad Animal Predator bar with the optional top hoop and two light bars finished in Matt Black. So a few reasons you'd go the Offroad Animal bar work. They're Australian made, owned, and designed. So you know they're a really good quality Australian product, and they look great, obviously. So these are a full bumper replacement these ones. So there's no hacking up of your old bumper. If that's something you're not keen on, bumper comes off, grill splits in half, and then this fully replaces that section. It follows the lines of the car really nicely, compatible as well.

If you do decide you want to put a winch on your Dmax, you absolutely can as these particular bars have a winch-bracket is standard. Makes it nice and simple.



Offroad Animal Light Bar

The light bars here are Offroad Animal's own light bar. So they are designed to mount and integrate seamlessly into the Bull Bar.  The Bull Bar allows you to retain the original D-MAX indicators.



Offroad Animal Rock Sliders

We have also fitted the Offroad Animal Rock Sliders onto this D-max. These double as a sidestep (hence the tread plate on top), as well as a super strong, super sturdy Rock Slider. If you are wanting to do any four-wheel driving, like the old telly track, or even hitting Glasshouse forestry tracks on your weekends, we'd strongly, recommend you add some rock sliders to your next build.


Outback Armour Digressive - Expedition Suspension

What's big and orange? No, it's not a big orange, it's Outback Armour suspension.

We've kitted out this D-Max with the the Digressive Expedition Suspension. The Digressive Expedition is Outback Armour's middle of the range Suspension kit for the Isuzu D-Max. We think it is their best value for money suspension.

The Outback Armour "Digressive" (or "DSV") range of shock absorbers are designed and engineered in Australia to suit the harshest offroad conditions including: constant corrugations, rough mining roads, travelling across outback stations and just about anything else you can throw at them.

The digressive valving allows the vehicle to freely move over rough terrain, working with the springs to soak up the bumps and quickly takes control of body roll and pitching to maintain vehicle stability and driver control.

Some Stats:

Front Lift 35mm (@ approx 50-100kg load)
Shock Construction 65mm twin tube
Shock Range Digressive (DSV)


Maxliner Venture Canopy

We have got the Maxliner venture canopy that has been colour coded to match the vehicle.


These canopies got a range of really great features.

  • Central Lock & Large Electric Lift-Up Side Windows
  • Without Door Handles, the Key-Fob or E-switch button will help you to unlock the rear door and side windows..
    • Double click on the remote control will open the rear door. 
    • Close the car and all Canopy windows & rear door are locked as well.
  • Rear-Door Spoiler
  • Roof Rail, mounted on a strong internal steel frame providing top class loading capacity.
    • Carry capacity 100 KLG Dynamic/Driving and 300 KG Static.
  • Wide opening front window with ventilation possibility.
  • Led Interior Lightning


Cangoee 110Ah Lithium Battery

No build is complete unless it has a dual battery system. We fitted out this D-Max with our Cangoee 110 amp power lithium battery that fits behind the rear seat in the cab of the vehicle.

It features

  • Cangoee 110Ah Lithium Battery
  • In-Built 20amp DC2DC Charger
  • Victorn Energy Smartshunt 500A/50mV
  • Victron Energy Smart Solar Controller 75/15
  • 6 Way Fuse Box
  • Outputs Behind Seat
    • Grey Anderson Plug
    • 12v Power Socket/Cig Socket
  • Input Behind Seat
    • Red Anderson Plug for Solar Input
  • Simultaneous charging – DC/DC and solar

We've actually got another video on this system in more detail, which we'll drop a link here


Socket Box Number 5

Essentially, we've got here Accelerate Socket Box no. 5. This has been installed in the canopy giving the customer all the options to charge their accessories while on the go - with

  • Grey Anderson Plug for output
  • Red Anderson Plug for solar input
  • Plus any 4 sockets of your choice - USB, 12V Power, Engel... you name it we can run it.


GME XRS Connect 4WD Pack

Which includes
  • AE4704B Antenna
  • GME XRS-370C Compact UHF CB Radio 

Shop the kit here.

There are a few reasons why we use the GME,

  • Australian Made
  • 5 Year Warranty

GME AE4704 short antenna is a perfect all rounder for areas around here like the sunny coast where it's got lots of hills, lots of forestry country, and lots of area where there are disruptions. So essentially, UHF antennas are normally obviously different heights. So this is a 2.1 dBi. You also get 6.6 dBi when you go even higher. The reason why we go with these short ones is because they do perform better in your hillier, bushy type country. They don't get as far line of sight. However, they do perform all round just much better here. And also in a city area, you're also not gonna have to take the whip off.



XRS-370C UHF features

  • Rugged, die-cast chassis with built-in speaker
  • Bluetooth Wireless technology - Smartphone control
  • Professional grade OLED speaker microphone
  • Class-leading 2 watt front-facing speaker
  • User-customisable buttons
  • Includes Heavy Duty 2.1dBi radome antenna
  • Download the XRS Connect App on Google Play or the App Store
  • Made in Australia


You can watch the entire video by clicking here where Craig will walk you through the entire ISUZU D-MAX Rig Rundown + more! 



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