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The Ultimate Hilux Canopy Build With Redarc Redvision TVMS and Enerdrive Lithium Power

The Ultimate Hilux Canopy Build With Redarc Redvision TVMS and Enerdrive Lithium Power

Are you looking for the ultimate Hilux canopy build? Then look no further than what we did in this Toyota Hilux Canopy 12Volt Set-up! It includes

The perfect power setup for functionality and quality that you need to power all your devices when off-grid.

This powerful yet compact system is made up of four main components: the 200 amp hour Enerdrive BTEC slim lithium batteries, the Redarc Manager 30 for all your charging needs, the Redarc TVMS system which acts as your main hub of control and switching PLUS the Redarc RedVision screen to show you exactly how your system is performing. These products are all designed with quality in mind and are guaranteed to deliver maximum performance.

At Accelerate Off-Grid Touring, we understand how important it is to make sure your canopy setup is built right. That’s why we’ve put together this complete package so that you can rest easy knowing you have all the power and control you need for a successful build.  


The Heart of the Operations: Redarc Redvision Total Vehicle Management System (TVMS)

For this Hilux canopy build, we went with the Redarc Total Vehicle Management System (TVMS) as the heart of the operations. This cutting-edge system is designed to be the central control hub of your canopy or caravan.

The TVMS has an unprecedented level of automation for recreational vehicle's by bringing information and control right to the user’s fingertips.

Pairing it with the RedVision allows you to control multiple on-board devices, such as turning lights, inverter, water pumps and other loads such as televisions, electric steps and fridges on or off. It also provides you with the ability to monitor water levels, temperatures, energy (battery power) consumption and storage, with the battery information available when used with a REDARC 'Manager' battery management system.


The Redarc Manager 30 provides all the charging operations your canopy needs while the Redvision system keeps it all in check. With this integrated approach, you can rest assured that your canopy will have reliable power wherever you go.

Charging the Set-Up: Redarc Manager30 

Charging this canopy is a breeze with the REDARC Manager30 S3, it is a 30A state-of-the-art battery management system designed to charge and maintain auxiliary batteries by incorporating AC, DC and solar inputs, ideal for recreational vehicles, caravans, and camper trailers with multiple battery banks.

 It allows you to charge the battery in 3 ways

  1. DC - from your car's alternator while you are driving
  2. Solar - from solar panels mounted to the roof of your vehicle
  3. AC - from house power when you are plugged in at home or in a caravan park

Checkout the Redarc TVMS & Manager30 Package here.

Compact Yet Powerful: Enerdrive's 200Ah Slim Lithium Batteries

At the core of this build is Enerdrive's 200Ah slim lithium battery, and boy do they pack a punch! Not only are these batteries super compact: W 530 x H 600 x D 83 mm, but they come with plenty of power! That means you can have your lights, fridge, compressor and other electronic equipment running like a dream—all powered by this lithium battery!

These batteries are super compact and boast exceptional build quality and a 5 year warranty — so you can rest easy knowing your system will stay powered up and running, even in extreme conditions. They also offer superior energy density, meaning they're lightweight compared to their counterparts.

Plus, their small size allows them to be easily mounted and tucked away into your existing setup — so it looks neat and professional. And with their advanced technology, you're guaranteed to benefit from better performance and reliable power!



If you're looking for a Hilux canopy set-up that gives you the ultimate control and power without sacrificing quality, the Redarc Redvision System paired with the Enerdrive 200amp hour slim lithium batteries is an unbeatable combination. Not only is it efficient and reliable, it also provides you with complete control over all of your charging operations, ensuring your vehicle is always running at its best. Whether you're looking for a camping gateway vehicle or a daily workhorse, make sure to equip your Hilux with the Redarc Redvision system and lithium batteries for the perfectly customized canopy fit-out.


You can watch the full video by clicking here. 

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