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2022 N80 Toyota Hilux Built for Work & Play - Complete Rig Build

2022 N80 Toyota Hilux Built for Work & Play - Complete Rig Build

The 2022 Toyota Hilux is the perfect platform to build your dream off-road workhorse and adventure companion. With some key upgrades, you'll have a beast of a vehicle ready to power through the bush, haul heavy gear, and get you to those hard-to-reach campsites. PLUS with the bonus of still being a great every day drive car that can be used for work and play. 

Legendex Single Hoop Bull Bar

To enhance the utility and appearance of your 2022 N80 Toyota Hilux, installing a bull bar is an excellent first step. The Legendex Single Hoop Bull Bar provides sturdy front-end protection and a rugged style.

     Legendex Bull Bar

  • Constructed of heavy-duty steel, this bull bar can withstand impacts from animals or debris. The single-hoop design offers defense for your grille and headlights while maintaining ground clearance and approach angles.

  • It comes standard with a textured black powder coat finish which we had changed to match the factory colour of the Hilux.

  • Installation of the Legendex Single Hoop Bull Bar requires removing the original bumper valance. However, it reuses your factory mounting points for a straightforward bolt-on process using basic tools. All necessary hardware is included for a convenient installation.

  • Backed by a 3-year warranty, the Legendex Single Hoop Bull Bar provides reliable protection and style for your Hilux. Combine it with a skid plate, side rails or a rear bar for comprehensive defense of your vehicle. When adventure calls, this bull bar helps ensure your Hilux is up to the challenge.


Legendex Bull Bar

Overall, the Legendex Single Hoop Bull Bar is a smart first upgrade for any 2022 N80 Toyota Hilux. With its durable and stylish design, this bull bar delivers essential protection for your vehicle’s front end, whether you’re tackling tough trails or navigating city traffic. For utility and good looks, the Legendex Single Hoop Bull Bar is hard to beat.

GME 2.1 dBi Heavy Duty Aerial

To enhance your Hilux’s communication abilities, the GME 2.1 dBi Heavy Duty Aerial is an ideal choice. This durable yet affordable antenna provides improved reception for UHF CB radios, allowing for clear communication over long distances.

Installation of the GME 2.1 dBi Heavy Duty Aerial is straightforward. You will need to mount the antenna to your Hilux’s bull bar or roof rack using the included mounting bracket.

Once installed, the GME 2.1 dBi Heavy Duty Aerial expands the range of your CB radio by up to 5 kilometers over standard antennas. This expanded range is invaluable when traveling in remote areas with limited cell phone coverage or when coordinating with other vehicles. The antenna’s heavy-duty construction ensures durability, even when driving on rough 4WD tracks.

For reliable long-distance communication in your Hilux, the GME 2.1 dBi Heavy Duty Aerial is a smart choice. This high-performance yet affordable antenna allows you to stay in contact with friends or emergency services whenever needed. Installation is straightforward for anyone with basic mechanical skills, making this a useful upgrade for any Hilux owner.


GME XRS Connect kit

We love this kit as the main unit is mounted up behind the glove box, and all you have left that is visible is the hand-piece on the dash.  

It features a microphone on the box and also on the hand-piece, a professional grade speaker microphone, customisable buttons and a high contrast OLED screen guaranteeing a crystal clear, anti-glare display.

Enabled by Bluetooth® wireless technology, XRS™ Connect is the first of a new generation of connected UHF CB radios with unique features never seen before. They are the first ever UHF CB radios with App control, introducing new features such as creating and sharing scan lists and providing instant access to the entire Australian and New Zealand registered analogue frequency database.

As with many other smart devices, XRS™ Connect products are software upgradable via the XRS™ Connect app, keeping users up-to-date with the latest features and technology.

Additional Mounts

We've used the magnetic mount on a Hilux bracket to ensure the hand-piece is always within reach.

With the GME XRS Connect kit properly installed, you will have a fully integrated communication system in your Hilux. This equipment enables you to stay connected with colleagues at work sites, friends on recreational excursions, or emergency responders if required. For the do-it-yourself Hilux owner, this kit provides all the necessary parts to get set up with quality, Australian-made gear. Take advantage of the connectivity and safety this kit affords for your dual-purpose Hilux.

GME RJ45 Pass Connector

To complete your 2022 N80 Toyota Hilux rig build, you'll want to install a GME RJ45 Pass Connector.

A GME RJ45 Pass Connector provides a professional connection for your radio hand-piece. Meaning when not in use you can remove the cable and hand-piece and store it in the glove box.


4" Safari Armax Snorkel

A 4” Safari Armax Snorkel is Essential

To prepare your 2022 N80 Toyota Hilux for off-road adventures, installing a 4” Safari Armax snorkel is essential. This upgrade will allow your Hilux to ford deeper water crossings without risk of engine damage.

The snorkel relocates your engine’s air intake point from the wheel arch to the roofline of the vehicle. This means that even when submerged in water, your engine can still draw in air to continue operating. The 4” diameter of the Safari Armax provides an optimal balance of air flow and protection from water ingress.

Once installed, be sure to test the snorkel in shallow water first to ensure all connections are sealed properly before tackling deeper crossings. When fording, proceed slowly and avoid sudden braking, accelerating or turning which could cause water to splash up into the snorkel. Never exceed the maximum wading depth specified for your specific Hilux model to avoid engine damage.

With the 4” Safari Armax snorkel installed, your 2022 N80 Toyota Hilux will be well equipped for off-road adventures into rugged, remote areas not accessible to standard road-going vehicles. However, responsible driving and caution are still required, as with any vehicle modification, to avoid potential risks to yourself, your passengers or the environment.

Dobinson's MRR Bypassable Shocks & Dobinsons Springs / Coils

Dobinson's MRR Bypassable Shocks & Dobinsons Springs / Coils

To achieve maximum performance and handling from your 2022 N80 Toyota Hilux, upgrading the stock suspension components is essential. Dobinsons offers high-quality shock absorbers and spring kits specifically designed for your Hilux that will transform how it rides and handles.

Dobinsons MRR bypass shock absorbers provide superior damping for both on- and off-road driving. They are adjustable for rebound and compression, allowing you to fine-tune the ride for different terrains and loads. The MRR shocks feature durable steel construction, oversized oil reservoirs, and high-flow piston designs. Installation of the MRR shocks will deliver a smooth, controlled ride with minimal body roll.

For maximum lift and the ability to fit larger tires, install Dobinsons coil spring kits. Dobinsons offers 1-3 inch lift coil springs for the Hilux that are engineered to work with the stock shocks or their MRR bypass shocks. The progressive coil springs will raise the front end for increased ground clearance while maintaining a level stance. They are made from high-tensile steel for durability.

  • Pair the MRR shocks with Dobinsons coil springs for the best combination of performance, handling, and lift.

  • Adjust the MRR shocks for different driving conditions to optimize comfort and control.

  • Dobinsons components are backed by a 3-year unlimited mileage warranty for peace of mind.

Upgrading to Dobinsons MRR bypass shock absorbers and coil spring kits will transform how your 2022 N80 Toyota Hilux rides and handles both on- and off-road. The adjustable, high-performance shocks and progressive coil springs provide superior damping, minimal body roll, additional lift, and a level stance for maximum capability and control.

Falken Wildpeak All Terrain Tyres

To maximize the off-road capability and performance of your 2022 Toyota Hilux, installing a set of Falken Wildpeak all-terrain tyres is essential. Rugged and Durable Construction

Falken Wildpeak tyres feature an aggressive tread pattern and sturdy construction to handle any terrain. The tyres have a silica-reinforced compound for durability and heat resistance, as well as a high-tensile steel belt to prevent punctures.

100 Amp Invicta Lithium Dual Battery

To power the accessories for both work and play in your 2022 N80 Toyota Hilux, the 100 Amp Invicta Lithium Dual Battery system with a Redarc BCDC1240D

High Capacity & Lightweight

The Invicta lithium battery provides 100 amp hours of power in a compact, lightweight package. At just over 13kg, it weighs a fraction of a traditional lead-acid battery. The lithium chemistry allows for fast recharging and has a long service life of over 3,000 cycles.

Dual Purpose

One output connects directly to your Hilux’s starting system, while the other powers items like:

  • Winch

  • Fridge

  • Lights

  • Charges all your devices

Special Features

The Invicta lithium battery incorporates several features:

  1. Built-in Battery Management System (BMS) monitors cell voltage, current, and temperature to prevent overcharging and overheating.

  2. 7-year warranty and IEC Certification
  3. Aluminium encased prismatic cells
  4. Integrated BMS with automatic protections
  5. Wireless monitoring (Bluetooth range only)
  6. Bolted busbar intercell connectors
  7. Slimline and standard AGM case sizes
  8. Strengthening frame to resist damaging vibrations
  9. 2000+ genuine cycles @ 100% DoD
  10. And many more......



Cigarette Socket, Dual USB Sockets, Engel Sockets, Anderson Plugs

To power accessories and charge devices in your Hilux, installing 2x cigarette socket, dual USB sockets, Engel sockets and Anderson plugs is essential.


Quad Lock Phone Mount

To securely mount your smartphone in your 2022 N80 Toyota Hilux for navigation and hands-free calling, the Quad Lock Phone Mount is an ideal solution.


The Quad Lock system is built to withstand the rigors of off-road driving. The mount attaches directly to your Hilux’s dash or windshield using a strong 3M adhesive or suction cup. The case that adheres to your phone is made of impact-resistant polycarbonate plastic to protect from drops and bumps. The locking mechanism securely grips your phone even on rough terrain.


The Quad Lock mount offers flexibility in how and where you attach your phone. The mount can be placed on any flat surface of your dash or windshield at your preferred viewing angle. The articulating arm allows you to tilt and rotate your phone for the optimal position. You have the option of portrait or landscape mode for the best view of maps and vehicle instrumentation.


In addition to physically securing your mobile device, the Quad Lock system provides enhanced functionality for off-roading. The mount has an optional vibration dampener to reduce shaking on uneven roads. It is also compatible with Quad Lock’s OBD II Dash Mount which plugs directly into your Hilux’s OBD port to display engine diagnostics and performance data on your phone screen.

The Wetseat Neoprene Seat Covers

High Quality, Durable Protection

The Wetseat Neoprene Seat Covers provide durable protection for your Hilux’s seats. Made of 3mm neoprene, a synthetic rubber material, these seat covers are waterproof, stain-resistant, and tear-proof. They shield your seats from dirt, spills, and weather while still being breathable and comfortable.

Custom Fit for Your Hilux

These seat covers are custom-designed specifically for the 2022 Toyota Hilux to ensure a perfect fit. They contour to the shape of your seats with elastic edges, straps, and non-slip backing to keep them securely in place. The headrest, armrest, and seat back coverage provide full protection. For the front seats, the covers include openings for the seat controls and airbags.

Easy to Install and Remove

The Wetseat Neoprene Seat Covers take just a few minutes to install and remove when needed. Simply slip the covers over the seats and secure the straps and elastic edges. When it’s time for cleaning or replacement, removing them is just as easy. The covers can be machine washed using a mild detergent and air dried.


Additional Benefits

  • Protects seats from UV damage in addition to spills and stains

  • Provides insulation to keep seats cooler in summer and warmer in winter

  • Anti-slip backing prevents covers from shifting around

  • Tough, durable material can last for years

  • Available in a range of color options to match your Hilux’s interior

For comprehensive protection of your 2022 Toyota Hilux’s seats, the Wetseat Neoprene Seat Covers are an excellent choice. Their waterproof, rugged material shields from damage while the custom fit and easy installation provide convenience. Your Hilux’s seats will stay looking like new for years to come with these durable, high-quality seat covers.




With the right modifications and accessories, you can transform the 2022 N80 Toyota Hilux into an off-road beast ready for work and play. The upgrades suggested here provide enhanced capability, connectivity, comfort, and power for tackling any terrain or task. The bull bar, snorkel, all-terrain tires, and suspension lift open up a world of possibilities in the bush while the dual battery system, power sockets, and phone mount keep you connected on long hauls. The seat covers add comfort for those extended weekends away. If you're looking for a rig that can handle it all, the 2022 N80 Toyota Hilux with these modifications is the total package. The only question left is where your next adventure will take you.

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