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Toyota Hilux Canopy Setup for Off-Grid living with Enerdrive

Toyota Hilux Canopy Setup for Off-Grid living with Enerdrive


Introducing the Enerdrive Canopy Systems 

This customer wanted their Toyota Hilux canopy setup for Off-Grid Living & Travel. The custom Enerdrive System is perfect for this Toyota Hilux and it's custom-built canopy, and includes items such as 40 amp DC to DC charger, 200amp Enerdrive Lithium battery, 2000 watt Enerdrive Inverter and 40amp AC Charger. 

We will run you through each component and what it does.


1. Enerdrive 12V DC to DC 40 amp Battery Charger

The Enerdrive 12v 40 amp DC to DC Battery Charger is a necessity in any canopy setup.

The DC2DC Charger is responsible for recharging your battery whilst you're driving, it also is regulating up to 600 watts of solar, whether that be on your roof or a portable panel that you may be plugging in.

This high quality charger features a durable design and provides up to 40 amps of power, allowing you to recharge faster than ever before! It's easy to install and compatible with all models, making it the ideal choice for any offroad enthusiast looking for an efficient charging system.

With its simple set-up process and reliable performance, the Enerdrive DC to DC charger will keep your rig running no matter where you go!

2. Enerdrive 40 amp ePOWER Smart Battery Charger 12v

An AC Charger recharges your battery from shore or house power when you are at a caravan part.

Get ready for a totally new, smarter charging experience with the Enerdrive Systems multi-stage charger! This three bank regulator works perfectly in any current or future set-up and is designed to be installed easily with canopy set up.

With its 40 amp battery management system you'll have peace of mind knowing that all your power needs are being taken care of - no matter how demanding they might be. Now you can enjoy increased energy efficiency when heading out on those long trips, plus know that your gear is powered safely while camping off grid. Invest now in an Enerdrive System for reliable success every time – order yours today!

3. Enerdrive 200 amp Lithium Battery

The perfect power solution for your vehicle! The Enerdrive 200 amp Lithium Battery a great option in canopy applications.  We've left space next to this one so if the customer wants to add a 2nd battery in at a later date he can easily parallel it in.

With superior safety features, you can rest assured that your battery will give you years of dependable service even under extreme conditions. Don't miss out on this ultimate, heavy duty power option - order yours today!

4. Enerdrive 2000 watts Power Inverter

Get more out of your Hilux with the Enerdrive 2000 watts Power Inverter!

The inverter takes the 12v power stored in your battery and converts it to 240volt power to run all your household appliances like

  • Coffee Machine
  • Induction Cook Top
  • Kettle
  • Toaster
  • Recharge Power tools
  • plus much much more

With its easy installation process and robust construction, this will give you all the reliable energy you could need in any situation - no matter how remote. Perfect for 4WDs, camping trips , equipment powering up surfaces etc.. 


Enjoy life's little luxuries while on the road without worry - go further today and shop Enerdrive Systems!


This Toyota Hilux has an amazing Enerdrive Canopy set-up. If you think you need one too it's an excellent investment for anyone plans to go off-grid. With its reliable power systems set-up, customizable features, and easy to maintain, it's no wonder this Enerdrive systems is a popular choice among Hilux owners for the canopy set-up. So, gear up and get ready to take on your next adventure with confidence and reliability!

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